Case Study


Project work focused on increasing engagement, personalization and
overall customer experience for the ASPCA's 20+ million members

    Strategy & Consulting, Web Development, Analytics & Visualization, Mobile Apps


    Sitecore CMS, Sitecore Online Marketing Suite, Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers, Salesforce Exact Target Email, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PayPal & Other Payment Gateway Integrations, GlobalCloud, CapWiz, Membership ERP/Data Warehouse, Google Analytics


    Not For Profit

The ASPCA makes a tremendous change in the lives of so many animals who wouldn’t get the help otherwise. The organization needed a digital transformation and platform re-position to be able to reach more people in the hopes of increased participation.

We feel grateful to have the ability to work and partner with the ASPCA on a number of strategic initiatives that have helped and empowered their teams to do what they do best – provide safety and care to animals in need.

Over a 2-year span working directly with the ASPCA, our team’s involvement focused on digital marketing, E-Commerce, CRM and various integrations to streamline their digital practices.

Key Highlights:

  • Re-designed and enhanced a Sitecore solution to increase reach and conversions
  • Designed and developed an online User Self-service Platform
  • Implemented Sitecore Online Marketing Suite
  • Implementing a digital personalization engine connecting Sitecore with third party membership platforms
  • Integrated Exact Target Email Platform with Sitecore CMS
  • Designed a “headless” content management approach leveraging content in Sitecore for use across other digital channels
  • Social Media Integration & “Social Selling”
  • Created a comprehensive Membership & Donation Reporting System

Core Technologies:

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Sitecore Online Marketing Suite
  • Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers
  • Salesforce Exact Target Email Marketing Platform
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • PayPal Integration
  • GlobalCloud
  • CapWiz
  • Membership ERP/Data Warehouse
  • Google Analytics

Purposeful Impacts:

  • Helped protect the lives of animals and positively affected so many people and adaptor’s lives
  • Optimized both internal and external communications to provide quicker to market timing while eliminating old process that required energy and massive paper usage